We provide solutions that meet our clients’ needs; we don’t make our clients adjust to work with our services. In other words: it is your company, you choose how you want us to work with you.

Whether you are a multi-state mature company that needs robust services across multiple states and service offerings, or a small start-up with one location that needs payroll, Omega can meet your needs. We meet with each client to determine how best to utilize Omega’s offerings.

Omega has the knowledge, expertise and resources to provide quality service in a professional manner.



Payroll Services

Offers General Payroll Outsourcing for your employees


Administrative Services Organization (ASO)

Delivers Payroll as well as a dedicated HR Representative, Benefits Administration, Risk and Safety Assessment and Recruitment


Co-Employment (PEO)

Offers all the services of the ASO as well as Payroll, but you get the added benefit of taking advantage of the reduction in cost from the discounted negotiated Workers Compensation rates of your PEO partner.