Successful businesses find strategic partners that provide value and share the same guiding principles. Omega partners with our clients to improve the return on their most valuable asset: their employees. Oftentimes, the difference between competitors is not their intellectual property, experience, or strategy: it is their employees. Good employees make a company; poor employes can destroy it. Helping clients retain great employees and keeping them happy is a key component of the “Omega Advantage”.

Omega is a human resources outsourcing (HRO) organization that began in 1999 in Macomb County, Michigan. Through hard work, good values and superior service, we have become a national company processing over 25,000 W-2’s in every state in 2011. We have grown methodically through organic means. This controlled growth allowed us to build a stable organization with sound systems and no long-term/short-term debt.

Omega helps businesses succeed by caring for its employees. We take active responsibility for your employees and, under some models, become the legal employer of record. This relieves our clients from the burden of employment and allows them to concentrate on those activities that are the foundation of their core competencies.

Omega provides human resources consulting, workers’ compensation, benefits, risk management, payroll and other services that surround successful employee management. Through our team of experts, we can provide your employees the level of HR services enjoyed by Fortune 500 companies no matter the size of your organization.

Why does working with Omega make sense? It makes sense because you didn’t go into business to become an employer . . . we did!

Maria Silamianos Sherman
January 2013