In a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) arrangement, there exists a co-employment relationship in which the PEO and client company have an employment relationship with the employees. The PEO and client company contractually allocate and share responsibilities and liabilities that were previously endured solely by the client.

The client company still hires, fires and provides day-to-day direction to the employees. In other words, these are still the client’s employees. The PEO assumes responsibility for the “business of employment” such as risk management, human resource compliance, benefits, and payroll & employee tax compliance. The PEO establishes an employment relationship with the worksite employees to provide an enhanced human resource experience and employee benefit package. This structure frees the client company to laser-focus on their core business and hire and maintain a quality workforce.

The best companies today are always looking for an advantage, a different way to approach “business as usual”. With the ever-changing legal environment of employment regulation, companies are searching for ways to ensure they are in compliance. Partnering with Omega enables clients to cost-effectively outsource the management of their vital human resources and concentrate on their primary business functions.

After all, you didn’t go in to business to be an employer, we did!