Omnia-Solutions provides a comprehensive MULTI-STATE solution to maximize your employee safety, reduce your current workers’ compensation premium and claims costs, and ease the burden of complex regulatory reporting and various other requirements.


Reduce Current Premium Costs

Omega can reduce your Workers’ Compensation expense due to group buying power and access to specific markets

No Deposit Premium Down Payment or Advanced Payment

Workers’ Compensation Insurance companies typically charge a down payment as much as 25% of your expected annual premium. Omega does not require a down payment deposit, or any advanced payments.


No More Time Consuming Audits

Because Omega issues your payroll checks, any audit for Workers’ Compensation is between the insurance company and us.

Pay As You Go

Your Company is billed each time we issue your payroll checks. For example, if your company pays weekly, then your Workers’ Compensation cost will be billed in 52 parts.

Safety Programs

Customized Job Descriptions

An important element for an effective employee safety program, Omega will develop with our clients input job descriptions to accurately represent the essential functions, while assuring compliance with OSHA regulations and incorporating guidelines from the National Occupational Institute for Safety and Health.

OSHA Compliance Assistance & Safety Training and Manuals

Omnia’S expert staff provides safety training for all new hires as well as ongoing programs to reinforce proper work habits key to preventing employee injuries and reducing the risks of high claims costs.

Safety Tool Kits

Omega develops customized tools to support your field employees and managers

  • Safety Checklists
  • Onside Random Jobsite Inspections
  • Safety Suggestion Incentive Contests
  • Disciplinary procedures for safety violations
Safety Video Library for On-Line Safety Training & Injury Data Trending and Analysis

Through data analysis, Omega will work with you to identify areas of concern, offer solutions, and help develop action plans to reduce the frequency and severity of employee injuries.

Accident Reporting and Investigation

Manager and Employee Kits

Omega provides each employee and all managers a step by step guide with how to promptly report and effectively investigate employee injuries.

Toll free 24 hour reporting
Toll free 24 hour physician referrals

Claims Administration and Management

In-House licensed claims staff with over 25 years experience

Omega practices proactive claims and litigation management from inception to resolution of claims.

Accident Interviews

Omnia’s claims staff conducts an independent injury investigation providing the carrier with an in depth summary of accident facts and flagging questionable claims.

Fraud Investigating and Reporting

Omega communicates with the carriers and the state Fraud Divisions to assist in the preparation and successful prosecution of fraudulent claims.

Return-To- Work Program

In-House coordination between carriers, clients, and physicians

Omega works daily to return the injured employee to the worksite at the earliest opportunity

Development of temporary favored work positions